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October 11, 2006



OMG, April 2008 is ENTIRELY too long to wait for this retarded awesomeness. I find the title itself to be retardedly awesome. GRINDHOUSE. Like, 'Grind' - 'House' -- get it??? yeah...me neither. Hey, where's my free iTunes, dudes?

Doc Manhattan

Woops. I meant April 2007. My bad. We won't be waiting quite so long.

Now why do we owe you free iTunes? You didn't post a guess about the mystery photo from last week. Or did I miss it?


oh, gotcha. no i didnt post a guess last week. free itunes are the shit though. would u consider making a weekly guessing game that gives visitors the opportunity to win cool prizes and stuff? or is that just crazy talk?

Either way, youz a cool mo fo, Doc. :)


Make peace, not war!


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