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July 10, 2006


Sophia Loren's alleged porn career

Did you hear...


According to the German site http://www.prisma-online.de/tv/person.html?pid=sophia_loren - gorgeous Italian superstar Sophia Loren dabbled in the pornographic arts before she met her hero husband Carlo Ponti. I don't read German, but through the translating semi miracle that is AltavistaTranslation - I was able to turn this:

"...Eigentlich war es ihre Mutter, die gerne Schauspielerin werden möchte, doch sie hat kein Glück. Tochter Sofia dagegen hat zumindest Erfolg als Fotomodell. Beim Schönheitswettbewerb entdeckt sie dann ein Filmagent. Doch der Anfang ist schwer. Man versucht, das hübsche junge Talent auszunutzen. Als Sofia Lazzaro wirkt sie in einer großen Anzahl unbedeutender Filme mit. Darunter auch PORNOFILME, doch ihr späterer Ehemann Carlo Ponti kauft alle Filme auf, um mögliche Veröffentlichungen und Skandale zu verhindern..."

into this:

"...Originally it was Sofia’s mum who wanted to become an actress, but she had no luck. Her daughter Sofia in the contrary had at least success as a photo model. She was then discovered at a beauty competition by a film agent. But every start is tough. People tried to exploit the beautiful young talent. As Sofia Lazzaro she does a big number of insignificant movies. Among them also pornographic movies, but her later husband Carlo Ponti buys them all to prevent possible publication and scandals..."

Warren G. Harris ih his "Sophia Loren: A Biography" keeps a surprisingly respectable distance from such matters of Loren's life, like RUMOURS OF PROSTITUTION DURING HER YOUTH... - Craig Lindsey is a Houston reviewer with special interests in film and popular music.

The same thing Andy Warhol said about her when he met her in N.Y.: "She's a $$High-Class Whore$$ !" *Note - $$Whore$$ !..
.................................................. .................................................. .......

Quote: "In the '50s - she was just a cheap whore who could be used without a care. She has not had a "friend" in the business, and we tried to make her a 'star'..." - by Friend of the Family

Quote: "We Italians know this story very well and many of Loren's fellow-countrymen think she was doing that before, and her notorious respectable "Family-mom-style" it's a fake." - by Loren's fellow-countryman


Quote: "Thought this was common knowledge. It was way before she was a 'star'. She was a fine piece of ass when she was younger, and I've seen clips of one of the porn flicks she made, it was in black and white, very grainy, but you sure as hell could tell it was her." - by EyeWitness

Quote: "Some years ago a British soldier stationed in Italy in 1945 claimed there were the naugty playing cards passing in his barrack with an adult ( 17 y. o. ) Loren "smiling vertically" on them. Being in the known about making her way "Per ASSpera Ad Astra", there is nothing extraordinary, outstanding and out of the commmon in such "news". That is not the question... But !.. According to her 'metryka-matricula', she would have been 11 y.o. when posing for those pics ( !? ). So, her real birth date is not 1934 but 1928, and today she is almost 80 !" - by One Who Knows The Truth
Quote: "Being a bastard means being born into disgraceful circumstances. And it is just your opinion that she is talented. Some would say that she was very slutty for her generation and her success is down to her selling her body rather than any actual acting talent. Is this perhaps related to her background? Let me explain. In an era when having an illegitimate child was looked upon as a sin, only those with little self respect would do this. Such people would not bring up a child with moral values so the child would grow up to be promiscous as is the case with Sophia Loren. Of course nowadays it is so common to have illegitimate children that it is not an indication of the moral values of the parents." - by stationary

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Sad, very sad to say that but this is the end of my review... So I guess goodbye.

This good girl can be gone bad pretty soon. Take a chance to look at emmy rossum nude here and you will understand what I am talking about. But for me, being bad is kind of sexy.

I wonder what it is like to see denise richards naked live standing right in front of you. This chance will get only her boyfriend I guess and no one else... Well, maybe some doctor but I was talking about having sex. That fellow will be very happy and I will be calling him the luckiest son of a bitch, in a good way of course. Man, I wish I was her boyfriend just for one night and I would make a party and invite all my friends so they were jealous. And then, on the next morning I would say to them that I dumped her. That would be cool.

I remember this quote from her that I am sure you will find both, hilarious and useful "I feel kind of unnatural looking down to people and they looking up to you" What to do kari byron porn? You are such tall. I mean she is almost 6 feet sharp and now imagine her wearing high heels... She will be about 6'2 or something after that. I wonder what kind of guy she wants for herself... Probably 6'6 or something, but not less... I bet she needs a basketball player to date with. Yeah, that's it. They will look kind of sexy and very unreachable for paparazzi if you know what I am saying.

So anyway, I hope you keep reading my reviews because they are fun and very hot.

Would you like to see maggie gyllenhaal nude? If that's so, then I welcome you. This place is something where you can check her out totally without her clothes.
What do we know about her ass? I don't mind calling it two nice pies because that is a precise description for it. If you look at this marisa tomei nude I have hot right here you will be able to check her butt in some different angle which will give you some very nice view of it. But the point is to appreciate them, so go ahead.
I forgot about one thing to put here... it is her quote "I always have an idea who I want to thank if I win" This is pretty obvious. In fact, I say there is no celebrity that would say something quite extraordinary during that ceremony of winning speech. They all sound very banal and to be honest people are getting sick of it. I think, if they don't come up with something spicy or at least unique and different from those "thanks" the crowd won't be clapping at all because this is getting all people bored. Come one you guys, you are so smart... adriana lima sex tape, you are not stupid blond, aren't you? Then think of anything that would differ from those "I want to thank my producer and my fans. Nothing would be possible without you. Also thanks to my cat Kittles as he inspired me so much with his peeing on my shoes" and some other crap like that.
Yeah, this was pretty fun and I liked it very much. I hope you have same feelings about this. Bye.

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