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July 19, 2006



I suggest starting a campaign, like the XP-On-Mac thing that was done not long ago. Gather individuals to contribute to a Paypal account for a purpose, which in this case would be to uncover the Lonelygirl15 mystery. Whoever provide conclusive evidence of what is going on, wins the pot.


Okay so remember the EmoKid and girl thing? well, they had to stop when there myspace's where foudn right? all we need is someone to manually go through every single millions of myspaces and just hope that they weren't deleted in advance?....... (Or get some face recognition thing to scour the myspace database(s) (apparently they seem dumb enough to only have one with the recen outtage) So meh!.... And another thing, there definitely is, agree with you, somethign very unnatural about her, watch other peoples blogs and then watch hers, howcome its so,,, well it flows veryvery well indeed.


Conspiracy Theories abound...

Myspace registration date: 5/12/2006



Well, even if its fake... who cares? Dawsons creek & other soapoperas like that is also fake, this is just another way of distributing it.


thank emokid and emogirl21.. this is the emergence of a new art form. the fictional vlog. get over it and move on.

hey, wrestling is fake too. whatever.


How dare you. Verybody already knows its fake you boob. And its like the best show on youtube!Your just jelous because everything you do sucks.

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Something seemed off about her videos...a little planned...a little too high quality...a little too...not really real. Canned. We didn't mention it then, tho we should have. But then when Roadblock posted his bit on the girl's latest supposed boy problems, I just couldn't take it anymore. We have to find out what the deal is with this chick.

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Support. Come on! Everything will be ok.






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