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June 08, 2006



Air America is more decent than a large majority of conservative talk radio.

Ann Coulter is super right wing religious nut, who is so close minded she discriminates and spouts hateful bullshit to anyone who disagrees with her point of view.


Wait a minute. Ann Coulter is closed minded but Al Franken is "decent"? What fantasy world are you living in. Air America is garbage. I tried listening to it and it was just a bunch of Bush hating conspiracy theories. Bush didn't cause 9-11. If you think he did, take your tin foil hat and move to Canada, please. I'll admit Rush and Hannity are annoying too, but at least they aren't making things up.


Of course they're making things up! They're just making up different stuff. Every media spokesjockey of every political stripe makes stuff up. To imagine that "liberal" talk show hosts are highly imaginative but "conservative" talk show hosts only tell the truth is to say much more about where YOU are in the grand scheme of things than where they are. Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly, Coulter, et.al. care no more about the truth than they do about paper clips. It's all about the ratings, the sponsors, the money, and their egos. Left or Right, its all a joke at our expense. If we believe that any of them are telling the truth then we're just being manipulated.


She is my dream wife.
Although, if we did marry, she would have to retire to cater to her housewife duties.
And then I'd be without her genius writing.

Oh, the dilemma...


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