March 17, 2006



Just did a little snooping around the Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter roster and there is a Felicia Day listed as Codex Dragon who joined April 29, 1992.


P.S. That's the same year, and about the same time, give or take a month or two, that Ultima VII: The Black Gate was released.


Is the commercial online somewhere?


Haha I love the last question. Link vs Mario... Course it was EASY to pick from that! lol. And another thing, there are alot more girls that play WoW then most guys think. Most of them play on the RPG severs, from what I noticed. It's kinda crazy to know that celebs play games too. woo I don't feel so alone anymore.




One of the few last actions with a sense of rationality and a mature attitude

I say that of course because she plays Alliance.

Oh wow and she is enraged by ganking too.

I think I have an internet crush on someone who comes up to my knees.





Most important question forgotten.

Is she, as a warlock, a disciple Kralnor?


She has a few posts on Usenet about Ultima Online... she is a geek princess!


I totally agree with Felicia; Ultima 7 is the best game ever made. In what other game you'd have a spell called Armageddon, that kills all living things in the world, except you and 2 other main characters (and one of these survivors is so thrilled that you used it)?! And what about those good times making the party properly sit on the boat, so you can sail?! If anyone wants to try Ultima 7 today, I recommend getting the Exult Ultima 7 emulator, so you can play it on Linux/Mac/everything.

And Felicia, even though I also have a gnome warlock (without the full felheart regalia), lately I have a lot more fun with my Horde character. Alliance is sadly infested by a lot of "normal" people.


"In what other game you'd have a spell called Armageddon, that kills all living things in the world"

Magic the Gathering. :D Though that destroys all lands. Wrath of God destroys all creatures. Both are white cards.



Freddy Nord

Nice interview, but damn guys, you play this and you don't know that it's called "Tarren Mill" and not "Tauren Mill"...:-)

Teh King

Is Dave Chapelle a Wow geek or you guys just fucking around?!

Slippy Jenkins

No, we didn't f**k around...i don't have time to find the article mentioning Chapelle..but maybe's it's a gamestop article. just do a quick google and find it...


Why do ppl say wow geek and stuff?

Becuse we use the cuting edge of technoligy
to have fun?? I see us as pioneers in a new world of gaming seens bordgames.. or cards.

Prob.. cowboys where called card geeks :D
or Columbus a boat geek.. i dont know, but its history, and we all be that too some day. Usally ppl that dont understand it, is the ones that call it geeky..

MMORPG is the way of the future.. every one vill be playing games like this just wait a few generations,, =) moviestar or no movie stars.

So heads up to all you *Pioneers*

Nemons druid 60 Eu server.


Snygga pattar du har!


Geek... :-), its probably because most geeks are nerds ;-D and I think another thing is that things like cards and boats exist, where as things created on a computer dont. Plus you can make a boat and its an acheivement. Get to level 50 million on WoW and whoopdedoo.

And finally, I think its the level of detail of knowledge, obessing over something so much that you memorise every single fact, and actaully care about them. Like Columbus might of been a geek if he said things like 'oh wow, they have ungraded the rigging to a v2.82 hypertension line, with dual plated metal bolts instead of the v2.81 which only had standard rigging, omqhfg tbh uber cool'... then all the other sailors would call him gay and draw cocks on his locker and stuff. :-p


Cool.. a star playing wow... thats rly cool ^^ would like to play with her ;)


I dont like u

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srry, i meant that comment for simon

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First of all, do you find it weird that LiquidGeneration stalked you down because of your appearance in the USPS commercial? We kinda of feel like losers, but something about you made us think: there's something weird about this chick and we're determined to find out what!

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